Gorilla Head Sculpt WIP

 Gorilla Head Sculpt WIP
This image is the final color test of Gorilla, Later on I composited it in Photoshop.
I hope you all like it. Thank you!

 Here is a new concept Gorilla head sculpt i finished
this week-end. The likeness is not 90% accurate but
I'm pretty happy with the final result.
I hope you all like it. Thank you!

My sketch of Gorilla head sculpt concept. this is a work in progress
in next days. i will post the update coming soon!

Thank you !


Nori Tominaga

exciting stuff ! looking forward to more


Very cool start man! Gorillas are one of my fave animals. Some day I'll do one of those too.

leo sakamoto

Wow, i love gorilla! Wonderful! Great work my friend!


Nori Tominaga_______Thank you.


FABIO·BAUTISTA_______thanks for kind words ! happy you like it !


leo sakamoto_____Thank you so much. Glad you like it!

Giorgio Palombi

Really nice works!!!!
Congratulations :)


Giorgio Palombi _______Thank you very much.
I think the work is not good. Must be revised

Aritz Olcoz

your work is incredible, great models, great expression and anatomy, pure and simple impact. I will still see your work


Aritz Olcoz ...............thank you very much! i'm happy you like it.

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